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Design and Designers

Includes the work of designers, innovation, preferred futures.

Ethical and Responsible Design

Design and Technology

History of Design

Design over different periods of time, different cultures & regions.

  •  Design is History
    This site was created as a teaching tool for young designers just beginning to explore graphic design and as a reference tool for all designers. It is supposed to provide brief overviews of a wide range of topics rather than an in-depth study of only a few.
  • Design Museum
    Discover more about the designers, architects and technologies featured at the Design Museum in Design Library, our online research archive of modern and contemporary design.
  • Industrial Revolution - History of Design Styles
  • Journal of Design History
  • The Design History Society
    Works nationally and internationally to promote and support the study and understanding of design history. Early tertiary level, but useful for teachers. Links section is extensive.
  • Retrolounge
    This is the ‘Design’ section of the Retrolounge site.
  • Retrowow
    Retrowow offers abroad introduction to design in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. It is a well-illustrated tour of various design classics of these eras, broken up thematically into sections.

Design Processes

  •  Australian Designers at Work
    Meet designers, learn how they work. Select designers in areas including jewellery, interior design, industrial design, digital media. Powerhouse Museum [Sydney]. This website has been archived and is no longer updated.
  • Design Addict
    Reach the worldwide design community through the greatest design links directory on the web.
  • Design
    Get in-depth information on design disciplines, issues and opportunities, written by recognised experts. UK Based.
  • Design Process
    Gives detailed information on each stage of designing, examples regarding many stages involved in the building of a successful folder/project. Another section, Project Template, gives blank design templates for each stage of a project/folder.

Factors that influence design

Function, aesthetics, cultural influences, … .

  • Aesthetics
    Etymology, aesthetic judgement, aesthetics and the philosophy of art, aesthetic universals, criticism, history of aesthetics, modern aesthetics, post-modern aesthetics and psychoanalysis, aesthetics and information, applied aesthetics, aesthetic ethics, truth as beauty, computational inference, references, further reading, links. Wikipedia.
  •  Aesthetics and Design
    Slideshare. ‘This talk looks at the philosophies and fundamentals of aesthetics and design’. [146 slides]. Links to further information.
  • Functional Design
    Advantages, technique, critiques, limits, applied to 3D modeling and simulation, software, links. Wikipedia.